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The focus of Work Bank is the development of tools, technology and processes to improve worker control and mobility between organisations. This will be achieved through two key initiatives:

  1. Connected orientation and onboarding training and processes between organisations. Existing orientation and onboarding processes and materials will be cross-referenced for equivalence rating, This will enable badging in the Skills Passport and the development of standardised training materials. This will increase efficiencies both for employees and employers and facilitate staff mobility across the sector.
  2. The digital MyPass Skills Passport to provide care workers with evidence of onboarding and other training endorsed across multiple employers to improve mobility between employers.

These two projects are the initial focus of the alliance members. They are being piloted as part of the Queensland Pilot Project that has been funded by Jobs Queensland. You can read more about the Queensland Pilot here.

MyPass Skills Passport

The MyPass Skills Passport is a digital platform designed to securely store and manage verified qualifications in one central location. With a digital skills passport, individual care workers will be able to easily access their competency data ensuring they remain job-ready, reducing underemployment, and enabling them to showcase their skills to other potential employers.

With the MyPass Skills Passport, individuals can:

✅ Store and share credentials.
✅ Demonstrate training completion for assigned roles.
✅ Apply for other roles.
✅ Manage their schedule and availability.
✅ Communicate with connected companies via chat.

For employers, the skills passport will help to streamline onboarding processes, enhance mobility between organisations, address skills gaps, bolster career pathways for care workers, and ultimately elevate the quality of care provided.

It’s a simple solution that we believe will have a big impact.

The MyPass Skills Passport is the first technology solution we are testing as part of our Pilot Phase 1 (Queensland) project, commencing Mid May 2024. The passport is being developed by our Affiliate Partner, MyPass Global.



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